Are you in need of a new brand?

Is it time to revitalise an existing brand?

Does your brand connect emotionally with your internal and external audiences?

Does your brand build brand equity every time it ‘touches’ someone?


With over twenty years best practice knowledge and experience we'll help jumpstart your brand and nurture it to best brands status.


Benefit from our many years developing brands, writing degree level Brand papers and lecturing as a brand specialist.  We understand branding best practice.  Clients enjoy the disciplined brand process we offer: sound research, brand strategy, brand design, application and brand management.


We don’t take short cuts.  We don’t sit alone in a fancy design studio producing meaningless ‘eye candy.’ We don’t pass client work onto junior staff to cut their teeth on.


Want your brand to be the best?  Wave out now, contact us.





Do you want to develop or improve your product or service through better communications?

Are you seeking to humanise your brand and inspire customers to take action?

When did you last conduct research and gain critical insights from your audiences?


Focus Group Research:


To inspire and retain customers brands must establish meaningful connections and experiences with them. Do you have a 360 degree view of your customers/audience?


Bullzeye will reach out to your existing and potential audiences, understand them, test new concepts and draft resources with them, gain deeper insights about who they actually are and what makes them take action. Independent focus group research provides the foundation for development and growth.


Focus group research requires an independent moderator - one who is skilled in all aspects of research.  At Bullzeye, we have 20+ years experience planning and facilitating focus groups.


We know:

  • what to ask,
  • how much to ask,
  • who to involve,
  • how to manage participants, and
  • how to get you the quality data and rich insights you need.


With us, clients enjoy a seamless transition from research findings through to development of marketing strategy, crafting of information, design of resources and effective brand experiences.  We work to understand you and your audience(s) and support you to translate this knowledge into the best possible customer brand experiences.


Past research projects include:

  • New Zealand Fire Service focus group research with Early Childhood Educators
  • NZ Transport and Regional Council commissioned research with school age children
  • Downer: Asphalt product brands focus group research
  • Cancer Society commissioned research with school children
  • Local Council ratepayer research
  • Oral Health focus group research
  • Agricultural focus group research with farmers and farm consultants
  • Southwell School parent community and potential customer research
  • Waikato District Health Board focus group research for Project Energise
  • Altogether Autism stakeholder focus groups
  • Enrich+ stakeholder research and focus groups
  • HCC commissioned focus group research with disabled sector groups.
  • Community Living Trust focus group research with staff, clients and families
  • Life Unlimited focus groups with customers.


Marketing Audits:

Is it time for a fresh and independent review of your brand, marketing, communications and brand touchpoints?


We’ll review:

  • your brand proposition,
  • how you transform this into a vibrant brand personality,
  • how you support customers to navigate and engage with you,
  • whether your brand experiences enable emotional connections with your brand.


Marketing & Communication Plans:

Following a marketing audit we’ll work with you to develop an easy to follow and implement marketing plan - within the budget you define.


Bullzeye Directors work directly with you to develop a sound plan that will serve as a road map for your organisation’s success.


Design of Multi-Media Communications:

20+ years experience and success in developing integrated marketing, promotional tactics and resources for international, national and regional clients.  We offer:

  • Print advertising (newspaper, brochures, special edition booklets or giveaways)
  • Corporate communications (eg. branded stationery, annual reports, commemorative books)
  • Branded giveaways & clothing
  • Branded promotional vehicles
  • Newsletters (print, email, online)
  • Signage
  • Email and direct mail campaigns
  • Point of Sale and packaging
  • Exhibits and Displays
  • Event management
  • PR campaigns
  • Media releases
  • Copy writing for print or online
  • Social media strategy
  • Websites
  • Apps


To improve your marketing and communications wave us down, contact us.





Keen to develop a useful app to support your audiences, get involved with them and transcend the transactional offering?

Is it time you overhauled your website?  In need of an e-commerce site that puts you in the drivers seat? Is your website responsive for mobile platforms to meet the new Google criteria?


To support clients brands and marketing efforts; we stay abreast of technological change, new tools and desired user functionality.  We understand interface and design aspects while ensuring client’s marketing and communications needs are delivered across the right digital platforms. You will have the combined benefit of our design and on-line planning expertise along with some of the best technical expertise available.  We have established working relationships with some of the best technical developers located in Auckland, London and Pakistan to ensure that client's digital tools:

  • accommodate the many variables in the end-user experience that will impact upon a project’s success, and
  • respect that while technology is the means of delivery and functionality, the resulting tools are nothing without a creative and well scoped foundational concept.


Clients receive informed project scoping and delivery across a large number of digital variables:


Interface & Design (i.e. Colour, 3-D graphics, fullscreen experience, options for minimalist design, navigation options, appropriate typeface, simple single page sites, multi-page sites, e-commerce templates, interactivity.)


 Marketing & Communication (i.e. Well designed and branded homepage, contact Info, corporate Info, creation of an online atmosphere complementary to brand values, digital assets that educate and entertain, sites for NFP’s and NGO’s, integration with newsletters, portfolios, SEO,  Your brand story conveyed, , E-Commerce.)


Technology & Programming:  The right platform/ the right software, CMS, dynamic content, in-site search, integrated video content, e-commerce.


Apps and Gaming:  Design and functionality of App, IAP,  Graphic quality, Optimisation, Funnel, Load time, Mobile App version of websites.


We offer:

  • Conceptualisation
  • Responsive website design, development and builds
  • Website content and navigational planning
  • Web copy writing
  • Website maintenance and updates
  • Application development
  • Email marketing
  • Online templates
  • Video production
  • Social media strategy advice and integration


Want to discuss your needs with regards any of the above? Wave us down, contact us.





Tired of using standard photo stock imagery that others use?

Want to ensure your brand stands out from the rest?

Need your material to come alive and achieve cut through with your target audience?


Put your project in the hands of :

  • A nationally renown illustrator
  • A process that builds a close partnership with you to understand your needs, key messages and style preferences
  • 20+ years experience across a range of illustrative styles


If it's time your brand took a fresh approach to it's communications talk to Bullzeye for;

  • Unique imagery to add value and impact to your communications and campaigns
  • Technical drawings brought to life to support sales propositions/funding proposals.
  • Comic strips to deliver your message or short story
  • Corporate and event invites
  • Caricatures
  • Originally illustrated exhibits and display stands
  • Originally illustrated menus
  • Stand out vehicle branding


Wave us down, contact us.





Are you looking for a comprehensive design process that understands you and your market place?

Do you want smart design that adds real value to your campaigns and business?


Bullzeye creative process combines strategic foresight, imagination, design excellence and solid experience.


Best design eventuates from 2-way trust and respect between client and agency. We enjoy what we do (we’ve been doing it for 20+ years afterall), we want our clients to have a bit of fun along the way and most of all, we want clients to love the designs we craft for them.


Through experience, patience (our creative brainstorming and iterative design process) and focus we produce imagery and tools that clients trust will work for them. Our clients tell us that they are proud of their brands and branded touchpoints and that they are proud to reproduce them relentlessly.


Wave us down, contact us.





Differentiate your brand - develop a powerful brand character.



  • build brand trust,
  • deliver content in a way that audiences relate to (no force or hype),
  • tell your brand story and key messages in an engaging way,
  • achieve greater message retention, and
  • foster increased sharing of your messages and materials.


Bullzeye Directors have been involved in the concept, creation and development of numerous iconic and successful brand character programmes in New Zealand:


  • Luigi, the Tile Depot
  • Mooloo
  • NZ Fire Service Pre School Programme and family of characters
  • Ruben the Road Safety Bear: Transport NZ and WRC
  • Undercover Cody the Sunsmart Turtle:  Cancer Society
  • Frosty Boy refresh (2001)
  • Oral Health and dentistry character: Katie Ayers


Wave out to us to discuss what a character can do for your brand and message.


Wave us down, contact us.


We are purposefully small so:


  • you’ll receive expert Director level service at all times.
  • client relationships are strong; we understand your business, market and competitive space.
  • we can ensure our services are affordable for clients when our overheads are low.
  • a small number of long term authentic client relationships are nurtured. We get to work on rewarding projects that we are passionate about and enjoy.

Felicity Beadle

Marketing Director


Jason Roberton

Design Director


words of wisdom

 “Bullzeye definitely has a wealth of knowledge in brand strategy, brand positioning and messaging to standout as professional experts. Bullzeye approached the project with our best interests at the forefront when proposing and giving advice. Bullzeye worked really well with our staff throughout the engagement stages of our project and communicated the marketing and branding ‘jargon’ well to ensure staff members could understand and contribute in a meaningful way.

 Working with lawyers who are at times very conservative is not easy, but Bullzeye gained our confidence allowing them to convince us to try new things to improve our brand experience.”


Aidan Warren, Director, McCaw Lewis

"Flick and Jason delivered an outstanding campaign for ShelterBox providing great results in the process. They both have a natural sense of visual design and fully understand the online environment. Their passion and dedication are outstanding personal attributes which make them stand out among their peers.


Flick understands the importance of integrating your company's brand strategies at every point of public contact. She is a cool head in times of crisis and always offers expert judgement and guidance.


As a team they are extremely professional and creative in every aspect of their work. They possess a rare quality of creative entrepreneurial insight which they apply with great skill to their  clients work.


Their approach is very much to work with the client to understand their objectives.  However, they will where necessary challenge thinking to ensure that results are optimised.


Flick and Jason have built-up a very successful business at Bullzeye Marketing and Design and I have no hesitation in recommending Flick and Jason to any organisation seeking marketing,  design advice or consultancy."


Mike Cahill

Director, ShelterBox New Zealand

“Not long into my role, I had various staff raising concerns about the organisations brand – while it was a well-recognised brand in the local community, the name wasn’t working well for us – it didn’t tell people anything about us. I engaged Bullzeye to create a new brand and they quickly understood the culture of the organisation, listening and engaging with our staff, consumers and key stakeholders.


The Bullzeye team provided great advice for managing the rebrand and continue to support the organisation with marketing advice. They are responsive to our needs and always open to feedback on the work they do on our behalf.


The visuals created by Bullzeye have absolutely taken us to a new level and the entire organisation loves the designs.”


Wendy Becker,

CEO, Enrich+

"We have been using Bullzeye Marketing and Design to assist with our branding, marketing and design since 1996. Bullzeye have effectively been our marketing department and we have trusted the team at Bullzeye with the brand design & marketing strategies for all four of our group companies. They have worked on all aspects of our brands from logo design to vehicle and building signage to product packaging, marketing materials, ad campaigns, web design, field days and everything in between.ᅠ One of the greatest advantages of working with Bullzeye is that they can provide a seamless service from conception through to production and have been able to deliver time and again even under some very tight deadlines. The team at Bullzeye are great people and a lot of fun to work with - always producing very professional work of the highest standards."


Warren Morritt,

Managing Director, Intelact Limited

"I met Felicity and Jason by chance and was immediately impressed with their passion for, and skills in, marketing and design. I was in the process of setting up a business at that time, so instilled their help. The Bullzeye team went to a lot of time and effort to develop an understanding of my unique business, and come up with awesome branding for me. I was particularly impressed with their ability to develop a brand mark that appealed to both children and adults, while also appearing very clean and professional. Over time Bullzeye have assisted me with ongoing design and production of branded giveaways (the balloons are really popular!), and website design. Any requests I have are seen to really quickly and work is always of an excellent quality. Felicity and Jason are just great to deal with.


The brand developed by the Bullzeye team has been critical in the development of my practice; children look forward to coming to see the ‘hippo dentist’!! I have no hesitation in recommending Bullzeye to other businesses."


Katie Ayers,

Director, Katie Ayers Paediatric Dentist

Firstly Felicity helped us stop.  And think. And focus. She worked us very hard. We felt exhausted after our sessions with Felicity, but also felt they were very worthwhile.


She pushed us to figure out what we needed to do. To challenge each other on who we are and what we're about. It was a challenge for us to achieve all the steps you needed us to and we worked damned hard at it. I think how Felicity managed to do all those things is a credit to her experience and knowledge. We trusted in her expertise in the first place and then she delivered in accordance with our expectations.


Bullzeye really takes the time to understand their clients. That was clear from what Felicity delivered, but also in how you dealt with us. You learned our personalities quickly and managed to deal with our relationship (banter and all) very kindly and professionally.


Bullzeye met every deadline you promised. We were very comfortable with each stage of the process. While Felicity had us working hard, we never felt uncomfortable.  Challenged, yes, but not uncomfortable.


Long term what Bullzeye's work means for us is a solid, consistent brand and communications that are understood clearly by us, our staff, customers and the industry at large.


Thank you.


Jennifer Holdstock, Holdstock Fittipaldi Law, Melbourne, Australia

"I am the Communications/Media Manager for Bay-Waikato Fire Region and as part of my role am often called upon in a national capacity to manage the development and implementation of the New Zealand Fire Service’s public education strategies and programmes.


In 2005, I headed a national project to develop the New Zealand Fire Service’s pre-school strategy. This included the development of a pre-school fire safety resource. Our brief to the supplier was to design and develop a high quality resource with fresh, bright and appealing graphics/imagery and content. The resource was to maximise the opportunity for interaction with children and parental and family participation. Alignment with New Zealand Fire Service branding and learning outcomes and consistency with current learning and teaching practices were an essential element.


The supplier was required to undertake qualitative research and a consultative approach with stakeholders during the design, production and piloting to ensure information accuracy and appropriateness, clarity of message and relevance of content to curriculum requirements.


A number of Communications/Graphics Designers and illustrators specializing in producing educational resources were given the opportunity to quote on this project. Bullzeye won the contract as this company was the only supplier who was able to meet all the criteria within the required budget and timeframe.


Our experience in working with Bullzeye was very positive. Their team provided an innovative, creative and resourceful approach while integrating sound research and marketing principles with curriculum requirements. They were in constant communication with us through every step of the process and we believe they went the extra mile to meet all our needs. As an example they traveled to China to source a printing supplier who was able to provide a high quality resource more economically.


We are delighted with and proud of the pre school resource kit ‘Get out! Stay out!’ It has had wide appeal and use nationally and has drawn accolades internationally. It often appears in our newspapers and magazines as a programme that children really enjoy. We are constantly kept busy with requests from kindergartens and pre-schools for more take-home resources indicating a high level of repeat business.


I believe Bullzeye are world class leaders in this field of work and I confidently recommend them as highly professional and great to work with."


Megan Dromgool,

NZ Fire Service

“Bullzeye have been absolutely wonderful in providing marketing advice. Having no previous marketing experience and taking on marketing responsibilities in my role has been daunting but Felicity has made life so much easier, always available to provide guidance or just reassurance that I’m on the right track. Nothing is too much trouble for Felicity or Jason and they are a fantastic team to work with”.



Executive Assistant, Enrich+

"In 2009 the Wintec School of Media Arts contracted Felicity Beadle (through Bullzeye) to write, deliver and teach 2 third year papers for the Bachelor of Media Arts. ᅠFelicity went on to teach and assess Advertising Strategies and Brand Campaign papers for 3 1/2 years, mostly in the evenings. ᅠ Felicity taught mainly public relations and advertising students in the Bachelor of Media Arts. Due to the pressures of her own business she is now only available to Wintec to deliver 4 specialist lectures a semester.


Felicity brought impressive energy and a wealth of professional detail to both of these courses.ᅠ Her work was very conscientious and always delivered to a very high standard.


Felicity was very well appreciated by her students and was our brand leader for the advertising pathway of the degree. ᅠWe really miss Felicity now that she is focusing on her own agency and I highly recommend her to any future clients."


George Lusty,

Waikato Wintec

We needed help, and after talking to a few potential Branding Consultants it was clear that Felicity was the type of person we wanted to work with – knowledgeable but also easy to relate to. We decided Bullzeye were the team for us, and we have never looked back.


Branding is a science and both Felicity and Jason really educated us on the science of branding right from the start. This was particularly important for me as I am sceptical about most things, but they have done a fantastic job of bringing me through the process a very happy customer!


Our first major piece of work with Felicity was when she took us through a structured workshop so she could get a detailed understanding of our business and where we wanted to go. We were really impressed with her approach to get us to articulate what we wanted our brand to be. Felicity then handed the workshop results over to Jason. The timeframes were concise and the delivery of the brand was again delivered with education and engagement.


Felicity and Jason are a great team, and just as importantly they are real down to earth people that you can have a laugh with. They will continue to feature in our journey as our brand grows.


Darwin Ginty, Director (Safety Genius)

"I have worked with Jason Roberton and the Bullzeye team for the last fourteen years (when we selected them as our preferred supplier from three top designers) and have always been impressed with the excellent quality of their work and their professionalism.


They consistently deliver projects as briefed, on time and within budget, as well as approaching us with new ideas and initiatives - such as the creation of our SunSmart character for children, Undercover Cody and the resultant books, posters, stickers, web site, wall charts and CD etc.


Jason has an especially good understanding of our objectives and the work we do, which makes him a valuable part of the Cancer Society team. In the interests of time and efficiency, the majority of communication between Bullzeye and us has been via phone, email and courier and this has always worked well.


I would not hesitate to recommend Bullzeye as full service graphic design supplier to any organisation."


Judy Gould,

Past CEO, Waikato/Bay of Plenty Division Cancer Society of NZ Inc.

"I had a piece of work needing completing that was outside of my expertise. Well, I knew the subject topic in-depth, but I am not an engagement expert. As I talked to people about the work, several large organisations asked dif I knew Bullzeye. They told me that Felicity from Bullzeye Marketing is great:  “She works extremely well with our client group and the group of people just love her manner style and enthusiasm.” They also said her reports are excellent. So with those high recommendations, I tracked Felicity down for a chat and coffee and engaged her to do the facilitation and report for us.


Felicity met and exceeded my expectations and now I can recommend her to others.

Felicity helped me flesh out my topic more and identify the questions I wanted answers for. She showed me examples of her work and talked to me about the small things that make such a huge difference to participants and eventually the readers of the report. She made visuals to serve as triggers for discussions and made the group think they had grand ideas.

Felicity was always professional. She kept in close contact with me along the way to ensure I knew the next steps and where she was up too. Also to make sure I was doing what I had promised to do as well. She was most appropriate with the people she worked with and that was evident by their response to her. Some people she knew from a previous interaction were delighted to come across her again.


The report at the end is a wonderful tool. It raises points of interest to my work place and the agencies that support the subject group. The summary at the beginning has been useful to circulate as a taster as to what the report is about. People who have the summary have either asked for the full report or requested a meeting to discuss possible actions from the report. This is precisely what we wanted from the report.

I found Bullzeye thoroughly professional, fun to work with and the end product was like receiving a Christmas present; on time, exciting and just what I asked for!"


Judy Small,

Hamilton City Council

"Bullzeye came recommended to us and their marketing knowledge and proficiency, along with their enthusiasm was clear from the start.ᅠ They took the time to get to know not only what we did but also what our values were as an organisation.


Bullzeye’s experience and expertise were instrumental in guiding us to seek the involvement of both our existing and potential clients in the form of Focus Groups.ᅠ Opinions were sought from the each group regarding, revamping our website, refreshing our logo and looking at our branding.


After gathering feedback and suggestions from our Focus Groups, Bullzeye were able to design a new energised brand mark, along with a brand line we felt captured who we are and what we do.ᅠ Work was also done on our website to create a more user-friendly and up to date look.


I found Bullzeye’s approach to be passionate and professional, with a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude."


Paula Gardner,

National Manager Altogether Autism

“During the past year Community Living considered ways in which to survey our key stakeholders e.g. people we support, their family /whanau and staff.  We wanted to gain an understanding of how Community Living was perceived as a provider and employer, what the expectations and aspirations of stakeholders were and what they thought Community Living could improve on, now and into the future.


Chief Executive Marese McGee spoke with other providers and the name ‘Bullzeye’ was mentioned frequently. The providers said how they had employed Bullzeye and how pleased they were with the process and the evidential outcomes. The providers gave glowing feedback on the professionalism of Bullzeye and their engagement with stakeholders. A meeting was arranged with one of the providers for more in depth discussion and at the conclusion of the meeting we were given the contact details for Bullzeye.


A meeting was arranged with Felicity Beadle from Bullzeye. Felicity listened to what we wanted and provided us with some possible options. Felicity also outlined how she would work within the options provided and clearly outlined the ethical beliefs and values she would bring to her work.


As an organisation we were impressed by Felicity’s professional and insightful approach to her initial presentation and her beliefs and values aligned with that of our own. Throughout the whole process Felicity was in constant contact with us and we were in no doubt as to the tasks that were required to be completed.


During the process Felicity was able to elicit valuable information from all groups and it was evident in her final report how easily she was able to build a rapport and trust with the groups she worked with in such a short period of time.


We were impressed by Felicity’s professionalism in terms of how she structured the qualitative survey process, the support that was provided with regards to pre-survey preparations, overall time management of the project and the information and layout of the final report.


We will certainly employ Bullzeye in the future and are very happy to recommend them for stakeholder focus groups."


John Rangitaawa,

Community Living

Quality, Health and Safety and Training Manager

Over the past ten years Life Unlimited has had a close working relationship with the team at Bullzeye Marketing & Design. We have worked extensively with both Jason and Felicity across the wide spectrum of services our organisation offers nationally.


Design work completed includes, design and placement of product advertisements for print magazines and newspapers, service and product brochures for our various services, cover designs for numerous service directories, signage design and installation for our Head office and our four retails stores throughout the midland region.


Marketing advice and support include market identification and  segmentation, preparing key marketing messages for our various customer groups, preparing and implementing marketing strategies and plans for our retail stores, skilled word-smithing of brochures, website content and news articles.


Recently Bullzeye Marketing & Design completed a complete rebrand of the organisation from our corporate logo (and sub-services logos), a branding guide for use by all staff, complete redesign and implementation of our multi services website, vehicle signage design for cars and vans for our fleet, redesign and print of all services brochures, various letterheads, business cards etc.


We find Bullzeye Marketing & Design very positive, friendly with demonstrated high level of skill and knowledge of their craft mean they quickly understand our business needs, relate well to our staff and have supported us very successfully for a number of years.


John McIntosh,

Senior Leader - Retail, Information & Advice


"Under the recommendation of a friend I contacted Jason and Felicity of Bullzeye Marketing to assist me with the creation of a name and logo of my sports endurance coaching business. I found both to be a pleasure to work with and very helpful throughout the whole process, from the initial consultation, brain storming sessions and creation of the final product. We met a number of times throughout the process and I always found them easy to talk with and their advice invaluable. I would definitely recommend them in future."



Director, Go Beyond Limits

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